Dental Implants

A Stronger, Attractive New Smile

Dental implants also serve to improve your quality of life by letting you speak better, look healthier and chew more effective. Unlike dentures, which you must remove every day, dental implants can only be removed by the dentist and serve as an actual tooth.

As there are several requirements that need to be satisfied before you can obtain an implant, do feel free to contact Dr. Dat Phung at Lakeview Dentistry for a consultation to see if you are suitable.

Permanent Replacement

Improve Life Quality

Eat Better


You cannot underestimate the repercussions of having missing teeth. From speech impediments to difficulty chewing food, a missing tooth or, worse yet, missing teeth, can negatively affect your quality of life. That’s not even accounting for a lack of confidence due to a self conscious attitude when you want to release a smile.


Dental implants are excellent cosmetic restorations to replace one or multiple teeth. They are longer lasting than dentures and can also anchor, crowns, bridges, partial dentures, and full dentures.


Dental implants are essentially artificial titanium tooth roots. Titanium, unlike other metals is not rejected by the body, is very strong and biologically inert. To be a candidate for a dental implant two criteria must be met. Your gum tissue should be healthy overall and there must be enough bone present to support the implant.

Following the extraction of a tooth, the supporting bone begins to shrink both in height and width. Even if the bone shrinkage has been excessive an implant may still be an option. Depending on the situation, we may be able to grow back the lost bone using regenerative procedures so that an implant can be placed.

Implant-supported crowns, bridges and dentures can provide you with an attractive, confident new smile, restore your chewing ability and make you look younger than before. Find out today from Dr. Phung at Lakeview Dentistry if you are candidate for dental implants.