iTero 5D Scanner

Be Engaged Throughout Your Dental Treatment

Lakeview Dentistry in Mississauga is proud to introduce the iTero Element 5D Plus intraoral digital scanner to our family of dental equipment.

Good technology is supposed to enhance your life by making things more comfortable, convenient and improving communication. The iTero Element 5D Plus scanner delivers on all accounts.

Using our new scanner, we can assure you a quick and comfortable way to generate a 3D model of your mouth with no harmful radiation. As this can be done often, you can see the progress of your treatment, ask questions and look forward to the final beautiful smile each step of the way.

It also makes it easy for you to understand your treatment and gives you a more engaging experience, making you a closer partner in your own treatment.

And it’s not just cosmetic. The iTero Element 5D Plus Scanner detects cavities in between the teeth above the gums without having to wait to process an x-ray. A faster diagnosis means a more timely treatment which leads to less complications for you down the road.

Come to Lakeview Dentistry in Mississauga and book an appointment to experience the iTero Element 5D Plus intraoral scanner, one of the newest technologies in dental innovation!