Your Dental Health in the COVID 19 Era

We understand the concern that you might have for your dental treatment while we are dealing with the COVID pandemic. Do rest assured that our dental office adheres to the Ontario Dental Association standards and beyond to ensure that we provide a healthy and safe experience for our employees and especially for you.

Pre Screening
For your safety, we pre-screen, temperature check and hand sanitize all employees and patients prior to entering the office.
Limiting Customers
We limit the number of individuals in the office by closing off the waiting room. Patients call us when they arrive for their appointment and we take them directly into the treatment room.
Thoroughly and Constantly Disinfected

The treatment rooms are no longer an open concept. We have sealed each treatment room to prevent aerosols from travelling room to room.

In addition, we have incorporated a UV-C light HEPA filter Air Purifier into each treatment room to clean and purify the air.

There is also a 15 minute dormant period following all appointments, prior to treatment rooms being disinfected for the next patient to be seen.

Better Protection
We increased the level of PPE use - N95 and surgical level 3 masks, face shield and treatment gowns - to protect staff and patients.
Cashless Payments Reduced Contact
We recommend cashless payments, using tap function of debit and credit cards.
Please feel free to contact us about if you have any questions. We look forward to providing you with continued dental care and keeping your spirits up with a beautiful smile during this COVID period.
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